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Let’s Talk about Bios, Baby. Let’s Talk About You and Me.

   Posted by: Moses Siregar III    in Marketing

Yeah, let’s do that.

Barry Eisler makes a great point (IMO) about author bios in a guest post on M.J. Rose’s blog, titled “It’s the Marketing, Stupid:”

Have you, as a potential customer, ever been moved to buy a book by when the author was born, or by where? Or by where she’s living these days? “Holy smokes, this guy was born in Newark, sounds like my kind of writer.” “Damn, she lives in Bakersfield? Gotta read this book.”

Barry says some other smart things there, too. By the way, M.J. Rose’s blog is named, “Buzz, Balls, and Hype.” M.J., I salute you.

Work Awesome has an, er, awesome article on How to Create an Efffective and Engaging Bio Page. Here’s an example of the nuggets in the piece:

Think about the impression you want people to have upon reading your bio and the action you want them to take. How can you craft a page that will shape these goals?

There’s quite a bit of information in that post. Three snaps in a circle!

By the way, I’m still working on my bio, so feel free to critique it. Or post yours in the comments and offer it up for critique by anyone in the neighborhood!

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