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Kit Soden’s Music, Inspired by Steven Erikson’s Malazan Series

   Posted by: Moses Siregar III    in Music

Kit Soden Steven EriksonThe Twittersphere turned me onto a very cool album by Kit Soden, a collaborative endeavor with Steven Erikson, mainly inspired by Erikson’s epic fantasy series, The Malazan Book of the Fallen.

You can check out the album for free here, Like a Dancer Unstrung, and then get it in mp3, FLAC, and other formats. I think it works great as a complete album, though my favorite tunes are Bard’s Curse, Reapers Gale, and Lay of the Bridgeburners.

Kit has another album, Around the Corner, that I also really like–seriously, it’s quite good. Check it out.

I managed to tracked down Kit and asked him a few questions that he was nice enough to respond to:

What is your relationship with Steven Erikson?

Kit Soden: We have only corresponded through email, he lives in England and I am in Montreal. I hope to meet him next summer when I tour Europe. (See following answer..)

Were you hired and paid to create this album, or was it a labor of love?

Kit Soden: I had been writing songs with SE’s poetry for a couple of years, and I wanted to write more. I tried to get in touch with him, and finally did. It turned out he liked the music I had been writing, and we agreed that an album should be made, but that it should have other songs than just Malazan. SE sent me some unpublished poems, and I began writing more. This has been a labor of love on both sides, in his writing of the poems and in my writing and recording of the songs.

Are you a big fantasy genre fan? What are some of your favorite books or authors?

Kit Soden: I love the fantasy genre, because of its extreme use of the imagination. It is like music in this way, you use a familiar means to open new worlds.

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