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Enhanced Ebooks: Joe Abercrombie’s Survey Results on Extra Features

   Posted by: Moses Siregar III    in Ebooks

Should you ever want to find an open survey about what sort of added features readers might enjoy in their ebook purchases, Joe Abercrombie has done us all a favor by asking that question on his blog (note: there’s more than one page of comments).

There are many interesting ideas you’ll find there, but after reading those responses for inspiration, here are some things that I’m considering.

1) Hyperlinks within the book to help readers understand or remember certain proper nouns. Can’t remember what the god Oderigo is all about? Where the city of Remaes is? Make the glossary easy to access.

2) Author notes on certain pivotal chapters, something like what Brandon Sanderson does on his website with his annotations.

3) Original music, inspired by the book. I hope to work with some very talented musician friends on this. In many formats, this would be something I’d have to link to.

4) The very, very first draft of the very first chapter I wrote for the book (which was terrible, by the way).

5) A print author interview. I noticed that N.K. Jemisin has one in the back of the print version of The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms; I thought this was a nice feature.

6) An audio interview with the author, or a link to one.

7) Something along the lines of this comment from “Cyrus” on Joe Abercrombie’s blog:

But I would be willing to pay a few extra bucks for some good insight into how your work evolved, your personal stories about inspiration, and maybe little things that were added in I may have missed on the first read through.

Since this would be for my first novel, I’m thinking about adding some of these extras without raising the price.

What do you think? Are there any extras that you’d love to see in ebooks?


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