Passion for Writing: March 28th, 2010

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Larry Brooks: “Make sure your story comes from a place of passion, that it deals with something important to you, that you have something meaningful to say about it through your characters, and that isn’t remotely a storytelling-by-the-numbers proposition that allows you to meet a critique group deadline.

Ask yourself if you could write only one more story before the plug is pulled, what would it be? Why is this important to you? If you can’t answer that question, go into search mode for that answer.

A clever story idea isn’t enough. Even when well executed. The weight of your story, on multiple fronts, is what will elevate it toward greatness. ”
RT @agentgame If you really don’t care which agent you get, you’re doing it wrong.
_____________________________________________________________________________ Elana Johnson writes about where to spend her social networking time as an aspiring writer, and which types of blogs make the most productive use of her time.
Victoria Strauss on the Writer Beware Blog (“First Novel Sales: The Data”): “Writers dreaming of overnight success should get set for a long haul. The time it took respondents to sell their first novels ranged from 0 to 41 (!) years, but the average was just over 11 years. (It took me 8).”
_____________________________________________________________________________RT @agentrobert Trend seems to be male leads in some paranormal romance and romantic suspense novels. New writers should stay trad. however
RT @RonHogan “Great thing about having an acclaimed 1st book is the quality of your rejection letters gets so much better.” http://is.gd/b4kyx
RT AdviceToWriters You can’t make a living being a poet, but you can make something of a living traveling around the country talking about poetry. -MAXINE KUMIN
Another from Victoria Strauss on the Writer Beware Blog:

Three things publishers don’t know about the digital future (which platform will win? How many people will actually read ebooks? What impact will piracy have?)

Four things publishers do know about the digital future
(yes, people will read from screens. Yes, change will happen; the race is on, even if we can’t know how it will turn out. Yes, other content industries have been “knocked sideways” by the Internet, so there’s no reason to assume publishing will manage better. Yes, digital is the future of book marketing.)

Moses: Tell me folks, who should I be following on Twitter? Which blogs should I be reading?

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Wow, I’m honored to be among all these great links and people! I follow and comment on a lot of aspiring author blogs. Some of them have agents, some have book deals, some are still trying to get to that stage. You can check it out on my second blog elanajohnson2.blogspot.com.

Thanks for the shout out!

March 29th, 2010 at 8:51 am

Cool looking site! 🙂 Informative, too!

Keep writing. Get it out. Keep going on the chapters. Keep on keeping/going on!

Be a hermit for a while and write, write, write.

Just do it!

March 29th, 2010 at 10:30 pm

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