Passion for Writing: April 13th, 2010

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“Genius is the recovery of childhood at will.” –Arthur Rimbaud
“I can do anything I put my mind to–except put my mind to anything.” -Nicholas Vesiri
Thanks Atsiko.
This is an excellent, short piece from @SoniaSimone. Seriously, if you write, read it. 5 Editors Secrets to Help You Write Like a Pro. Better to be safe than sorry. 😉
Malone Editorial Services discusses where new writers fail. Excerpt: “Here’s the kicker: Though you may sell a lot of copies of the first book, and therefore think it was good, those readers if not truly entertained won’t buy the second. And your career as an author has just tanked. Only the iceberg you hit was you.”
Mette Ivie Harrison has a number of good articles on Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. I like her comments on dialogue: “They say that the eyes are the windows of the soul, but that’s not in a novel. In a novel, dialog is the window of the soul, and all the descriptions of eyes shining, glowing, or burning will not make up for bad dialog.”
A list of “50 best book people to follow on Twitter,” from Huffington Post. Only, they forgot to mention @MosesSiregar.
The Complete Flake’s Guide to Getting Things Done, also from Sonia Simone. A funny, self-help flavored piece: “You, my friend, are a flake. Congratulations. We are a worldwide force. If we could all get ourselves moving in the same direction, we would change the world. However, that will never happen.”
And if you’re not following Joe Konrath’s blog where he’s talking about his experience with ebooks, here’s a powerful new one from him where he wonders if print is a subsidiary right and he discusses his crisis of faith in traditional publishing.
Courtney Johnson, aspiring writer, is running a contest on her blog. Enter for a chance to win a free 10,000 word critique.

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